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Welcome to the blog for Crestview Community Church in Sedona, AZ. The primary purpose of this blog is to make each Sunday’s sermon available in MP3 format.

We are a literal Bible believing church. What we mean by “literal” is that God wrote the Bible through human authors but He used exactly the words He wanted to convey the meaning He intended. Therefore we believe the Bible (in its original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek) to be inerrant and infallible.

Our pastor preaches with an exegetical style that works through a book of the Bible verse by verse. His sermons dig deep into the Scriptures and explains their meaning in plain English. He then shows how to apply that meaning to your everyday life.

Each week a new blogcast will be published that contains the latest sermon. If you would like to listen to previous sermons you can follow the link to our website where you will find a library of sermons for the last 12 months. Crestview Community Church

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